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Social Media and Security for International NGOs

International NGOs working in developing countries need to be proactive and take steps to build a framework for a well-developed organizational policy on the use of social media as it relates to staff safety and security in the field. Regardless, staffs themselves need to be aware that actions captured via images, posts, or comments can reflect on themselves and their organization in a positive or negative fashion. A few tips:

* Use good judgment – Do not post your full name, Social Security number, address, phone number, or bank and credit card account numbers — and don’t post other people’s information, either.
* Avoid controversial statements that could provoke harm towards you or your organization – and if you’re unsure if something is controversial, then it probably is.
* Know your contacts – don’t accept friend or link requests from people you don’t know.
* Change passwords frequently and don’t use the same ones for email, banking and social media
* Take full advantage of any privacy settings to limit sharing to people you know and who are in your network
* Don’t tag photos – you’d be surprised how search engines identifying tagged photos could compromise your security by divulging more information than you should about your location/routines while living abroad