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Cosantoir Group is an international risk mitigation and crisis management consulting company.  Our role is to assist individuals and organizations operating in developing countries with risk analysis and mitigation to address the realities of working in difficult and complex environments.   We also guide our clients in managing their response to sudden crisis events, such as kidnapping, evacuation due to political unrest or terrorism, medical crisis, natural disaster, etc.
Corporate Policy Development
Cosantóir helps organizations establish policies and cross-divisional cooperation for crisis management protocols and processes.  These strategies not only assist organizations in dealing with a crisis as it occurs, but also in mitigating their risk in day-to-day operations.
Informed and focused assessments of security risk and threats in complex situations
Cosantóir has specific experience in conducting informed and focused assessments in a variety of international contexts in places as diverse as Afghanistan, Burundi, the Democratic , Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iraq,  Kosovo, Lebanon, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, the West Bank and Yemen.
Safety and Security Education and Training Solutions
Cosantóir Group offers customized safety, security and risk mitigation training solutions, which can be delivered worldwide via our staff or with the assistance of a web portal. All Cosantóir training is designed to meet the safety and security requirements of the client to address the difficulties of a specific operating environment. In addition, our staff will support organizational responsibilities, to meet corporate and organizational “duty of care” obligations. Cosantóir Group has the experience, expertise, knowledge and capacity to assist in enabling staff and individuals to live, travel and work in a range of complex international situations.
Experienced assistance and guidance with kidnap and ransom incidents
Cosantóir deploys associates with very specific US government certification and experience in managing kidnap and ransom events.  In the event of such a complex incident, Cosantoir maintains a no-nonsense ability to assist and facilitate with the response and coordination among government, organizations and families.  We also provide relevant and factual training to individuals and groups to familiarize them with kidnap and terrorist threats and how to reduce individual and organizational vulnerability.